Artmap Studio visual identity development

Artmap Studio visual identity development
Client: Artmap Studio

Hark Design worked with Artmap Studio to develop their logo and visual identity. The new brand style was then applied across various tools including stationery, publications and a new website.

Artmap Studio visual identity, by Hark Design

Turn Components brand development

Turn Components brand development
Client: Turn Components

American bicycle components company Turn commissioned Hark Design to undertake a brand development project – creating a new identity and brand applications in preparation for the release of their new line of cranks at the Taipei Bike Show 2013.

A new logo was developed and implemented across various applications including product graphics and a new website, featuring product photography also by Hark Design.

Turn card, by Hark Design
Turn product graphics, by Hark Design
Turn product graphics, by Hark Design
Turn website, by Hark Design
Turn website, by Hark Design
Turn tshirt graphics, by Hark Design

The Footprint Company brand identity creation

The Footprint Company brand identity creation
Client: The Footprint Company

Hark Design was engaged by The Footprint Company to create an identity for their business and online ecological footprint calculators.

Designed specifically for Australian property professionals, The Footprint Company online calculators allow users to quickly and effectively assess the sustainability performance of a building or fitout design, with the aim of improving the economic optimisation of environmental sustainability and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of Environmentally Sustainable Design investment decisions. The calculators provide users with detailed information in various report formats including ‘One Planet’ benchmark measurements.

The company logo developed by Hark Design was designed to represent the key idea behind The Footprint Company’s work – combining various sources of data to obtain a complete footprint measurement, within the goal of ‘One Planet’ sustainability.

The developed brand ‘look and feel’ was integrated into designs for the corporate website and footprint calculator user interface (with detailed specifications produced for handover to The Footprint Company site developer) and user guide publications.

Other marketing materials designed included business stationery, document templates, advertisement layout and infographic tools.

A set of screencast tutorials were also created to add to the learning resource tool suite for users.

The Footprint Company logo, by Hark Design

TFC corporate website design, by Hark Design

TFC calculator page treatment, by Hark Design

TFC calculator icons, by Hark Design

TFC user guide style, by Hark Design

Bicycle Queensland identity refreshment

Bicycle Queensland identity refreshment
Client: Bicycle Queensland

Identity refresh for Bicycle Queensland, evolving the existing logo and publication style to give a contemporary, professional feel.

Bicycle Queensland identity refreshment
Bicycle Queensland Partnership document, by Hark Design

100 Campaign logo design

100 Campaign logo design
Client: 100 Campaign

Hark Design is proud to have worked with the Washington DC and London based ‘100 Campaign’ to create their distinctive logo.

The 100 Campaign is a global campaign aiming to achieve 100% access to insulin by the 100th Anniversary of its first use in a person with type 1 diabetes.

100 Campaign logo by Hark Design

Absolute Bicycles identity design

Absolute Bicycles identity design
Client: Absolute Bicycles

Identity created for US-based custom frame builder Absolute Bicycles.

Absolute Bicycles logo, by Hark Design

Mountain Cycle rebranding and creative direction

Mountain Cycle – rebranding and creative direction
Client: Mountain Cycle

Gerard of Hark Design was appointed as creative director (2009-Dec 2011) to assist with Mountain Cycle marketing and brand presence.

Projects included creative direction, product development, website development & online store implementation, marketing materials and exhibition stand design.

Mountain Cycle bike graphicsMountain Cycle Shockwave graphics
Mountain Cycle 3x3m Stand, by Hark Design
Mountain Cycle 3x3m Stand, by Hark Design
Mountain Cycle Taipei 2011 Stand design, by Hark Design
MC marketing collateral
Mountain Cycle vehicle graphics, by Hark Design
MC website 2a
MC website 2b

Kevin McKenzie Hair London – identity design and application rollout

Kevin McKenzie Hair London – identity design and application rollout
Client: Kevin McKenzie Hair London

Hark Design was engaged by Kevin McKenzie to undertake the identity development for his new, premier hair salon in Sydney’s CBD.

We worked closely with Kevin to design a brand which reflects both his personal style and the business goals of the salon.

Sleek, strong, stylish, prestigious – a touch of Knightsbridge in Sydney. The salon’s appointment cards, price lists and marketing postcards reflect the salon’s modern, sophisticated style. Glamorous glossy black and silver bags were developed for product purchases and salon gifts.

The salon is surrounded by large, luxurious glass panels. To provide a sense of privacy for clients, whilst keeping a feel of translucency and subtly branding the space, Hark Design developed a brand marque treatment applied to windows in soft etched vinyl.

Hark also designed and commissioned the key salon signage including managing the City of Sydney DA application.

Kevin McKenzie Hair sign, by Hark DesignKevin McKenzie Hair postcards, by Hark Design
Kevin McKenzie Hair cards and pricelist, by Hark Design
Kevin McKenzie Hair bag by Hark Design
Kevin McKenzie Hair window treatment, by Hark Design
Kevin McKenzie Hair window treatment, by Hark Design
Kevin McKenzie Hair window treatment, by Hark Design
Kevin McKenzie Hair window treatment and sign, by Hark Design

HydroCon identity redesign

HydroCon identity redesign
Client: HydroCon Australasia Pty Ltd

Hark Design undertook a brand refresh project for HydroCon Australasia. A redesign of the existing company logo was completed, along with development of a new visual language, ensuring the nature and quality of the company’s products and services were reflected in its visual identity and resulting marketing material.

HydroCon identity rebranding

Praxis Works identity design

Praxis Works identity design
Client: Praxis Works

Hark redesigned the identity for Praxis Works, a US-based engineering partnership designing and manufacturing components for OEM clients in the bicycle sector.

A key consideration for the logo was the need to incorporate it into the parts and components production (stamp/etch/print on metal), so a clean, simple form was essential.

Praxis Works logo by Hark Design

Danni Robinson Design logo development

Danni Robinson Design logo development
Client: Danni Robinson Design

Logo development for Interior Stylist Danni Robinson, along with design of stationery items.

Danni Robinson Design logo by Hark Design

FRC – repositioning / rebranding strategy project

The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic repositioning / rebranding strategy project and initial applications
Client: The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

Hark Design was engaged in the role of creative director to undertake a brand strategy and repositioning project for The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic. The Clinic were relocating to a new, busy CBD, high street position and were looking to align their brand with their new public presence.

Hark Design undertook research and brand analysis to produce recommendations and direction in many areas of the Clinic’s operations – including evolution of identity look and feel, language and messaging tone, spatial information zoning, environment and team uniform style. Some initial deliverables were produced by Hark Design, along with brand guidelines for handover to the Clinic for ongoing application.

It was found that the Clinic’s existing logo was well recognised, however the graphic style used in many of the past brand applications was at odds with the Clinic’s services and the needs of its clients. To evolve the brand to reflect a feeling of warmth, understanding and professionalism Hark introduced a number of elements including a primary ID colour of warm, metallic bronze paired with a friendly and unintimidating photography style.

The image style was complemented by a positive language tone and messaging style – applied across a range of tools and materials.

Simple typography treatments were used as a feature in a number of applications including inside the Clinic’s retail and information space – working as a supporting branding element and an additional way to inform visitors of the Clinic’s services and offerings.


NAB – P&OD internal communications framework development

NAB – P&OD internal communications framework development
Agency: Imagination (Australia)

Working with the team at Imagination, Kerry played a key role in developing an internal communications framework for the P&OD (human resources) area at NAB (National Australia Bank).

The project commenced with an involved research and analysis phase, including interviews and discussions with a wide range of NAB staff from different locations, positions and business units, to gain information on which to base the strategy and creative development component of the project.

Deliverables included the overall creative concept including a graphic identity system created to work within existing NAB design guidelines, printed and electronic collateral, and an interactive toolkit containing a suite of templates and resources for practitioner use.