The Footprint Company brand identity creation
Client: The Footprint Company

Hark Design was engaged by The Footprint Company to create an identity for their business and online ecological footprint calculators.

Designed specifically for Australian property professionals, The Footprint Company online calculators allow users to quickly and effectively assess the sustainability performance of a building or fitout design, with the aim of improving the economic optimisation of environmental sustainability and enhancing the quality and effectiveness of Environmentally Sustainable Design investment decisions. The calculators provide users with detailed information in various report formats including ‘One Planet’ benchmark measurements.

The company logo developed by Hark Design was designed to represent the key idea behind The Footprint Company’s work – combining various sources of data to obtain a complete footprint measurement, within the goal of ‘One Planet’ sustainability.

The developed brand ‘look and feel’ was integrated into designs for the corporate website and footprint calculator user interface (with detailed specifications produced for handover to The Footprint Company site developer) and user guide publications.

Other marketing materials designed included business stationery, document templates, advertisement layout and infographic tools.

A set of screencast tutorials were also created to add to the learning resource tool suite for users.

The Footprint Company logo, by Hark Design

TFC corporate website design, by Hark Design

TFC calculator page treatment, by Hark Design

TFC calculator icons, by Hark Design

TFC user guide style, by Hark Design