OPTALERT Fatigue Risk Profiler data display & graphic user interface design
Client: OPTALERT Pty Ltd

Hark Design worked with OPTALERT to create the design concept for their ‘Fatigue Risk Profiler’ graphic user interface.

The OPTALERT Fatigue Risk Profiler IRIS (Individual Risk Indicator System) was developed to allow users (eg. managers and control room operators) to readily identify and monitor the fatigue risk profile of many subjects (vehicle drivers using the OPTALERT Alertness Monitoring System) concurrently.

The user interface was designed to maximise ease of navigation and to provide a user-friendly experience, whilst displaying involved data outputs in an intuitive and understandable format.

A number of other information display styles, facilitating the effective communication of complex information, were designed as part of the OPTALERT Fatigue Risk Profiler reporting tool set.