The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic repositioning / rebranding strategy project and initial applications
Client: The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic

Hark Design was engaged in the role of creative director to undertake a brand strategy and repositioning project for The Facial Rejuvenation Clinic. The Clinic were relocating to a new, busy CBD, high street position and were looking to align their brand with their new public presence.

Hark Design undertook research and brand analysis to produce recommendations and direction in many areas of the Clinic’s operations – including evolution of identity look and feel, language and messaging tone, spatial information zoning, environment and team uniform style. Some initial deliverables were produced by Hark Design, along with brand guidelines for handover to the Clinic for ongoing application.

It was found that the Clinic’s existing logo was well recognised, however the graphic style used in many of the past brand applications was at odds with the Clinic’s services and the needs of its clients. To evolve the brand to reflect a feeling of warmth, understanding and professionalism Hark introduced a number of elements including a primary ID colour of warm, metallic bronze paired with a friendly and unintimidating photography style.

The image style was complemented by a positive language tone and messaging style – applied across a range of tools and materials.

Simple typography treatments were used as a feature in a number of applications including inside the Clinic’s retail and information space – working as a supporting branding element and an additional way to inform visitors of the Clinic’s services and offerings.